Of our activities today

Lending medical equipment for nursing / rehabilitation

Today, we have a network of branches throughout the country to lend medical equipment for nursing / rehabilitation, with emphasis on the convenience and accessibility of the needy, and the applicants, the medical equipment that can be loaned to anyone who wants it, is the newest and the leading companies in the field. Today, in almost every household in Israel, at least one child in the entire family suffers from infections and / or fluids in the ears. This results in an endless use of antibiotics and dehydrated liquids to no avail, as well as a decrease in hearing, leading eventually to the analysis of the buttons. Isaac "offers a solution to the problem of fluid and improve hearing, by Shim And in the Free AirPower device, which prevents the operation from being performed at a very high rate of success, we currently have dozens of these devices spread throughout the country,

Other medical equipment that can be borrowed: Airpopers, wheelchairs, treadmills, cold / hot humidifiers, inhalers, crutches, walking sticks, blood pressure meters, sugar meters, Sterilization, and more.

Help and assistance to encourage birth

The "Naharot Yitzchak" charity organization has a goal to help and encourage Jewish birth in Israel, and therefore it is committed to helping the mother and the family, with the help of volunteers for the home, gifts for the mother, and warm meals for the mother and the family.

Who are happy for difficult patients

The volunteers of the Naharot Yitzhak organization cheer patients, including sick and sick children, on holidays, birthdays, and for any reason of joy, come and distribute gifts that give a smile to the patient.



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